This site is hosted and managed by the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet). 

Organized as a membership consortium in 1991, MOREnet operates as a department within the University of Missouri System.  Members consist of community anchor institutions such as K-12 schools, higher education, libraries, government, and nonprofit organizations.

In addition to managing and maintaining a robust and secure fiber network infrastructure, MOREnet provides its members with technical services including cybersecurity, network consulting, technical support, videoconferencing, hosted and managed applications, online resources, and professional development.

The resources and information on this website grew from a professional development program offered to members who were serving as a resource for all things technology in their communities. 

We invite you to search, share and download any of the tips you find on this site. 

If you would rather visit with someone in person about utilizing technology in your everyday life, check out the map of trained facilitators in your area.